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Wear your support for an open dialogue on RENT CONTROL in Washington State.

Not only will you be making your voice heard and seen. Proceeds from sales go to support Sawhorse Revolution and the wonderful programs they foster benefiting youth and the homeless in our region. If you’ve not heard of Sawhorse Revolution, take a look at the link.

T-shirts available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Three color silkscreen, printed on a soft cotton shirt, currently only available in colors shown. Price is $35 including shipping, or $30 if shipping is not required.

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Photo by Danielle Blackwell

Natural Evolution

Natural Movement an already existing New Mystics public installation located in Pioneer Square’s Nord alley. It has come time to revamp and update the installation. Eight new individually designed disks will replace the worn and in some cases damaged disks that have weathered summer and winter in the northwest for the last four years. Disk reads “THE BALD MAN IS WATCHING YOU”. Adhesive vinyl and acrylic paint, dimension 25” circle.

Photo by Ezra Dickinson


In an effort to voice what to some might be viewed as overly idealistic. One must press ahead and put actions, thoughts and intentions into public space that support what we all understand as goals that can not be forgotten, let alone actually brought into reality for the survival and betterment of all humanity. Acrylic paint on paper, dimensions 13’ by 7’.

Photo by Ezra Dickinson


First painted in 2013 as a live painting performance installation for Velocity’s Fall-Kickoff, new additions to this mural in the box office entryway of Velocity dance Center are currently underway. The overall intent is to bring elements of the existing diagonal white lines on the facing of the building into the existing mural. Working with lines and abstracted personal iconography of the human face, color, shape and space are explored. Approximate dimensions 25′ x 15′ painted in acrylic and enamel.

Photo by Ezra Dickinson


This hangable work of art is raised off the wall by a 3” wooden frame that follows the outline of the work. Adhesive vinyl and acrylic block print make up the image. The title of Cardinal refers to the four cardinal directions. The image is an abstraction of the human face, a personal totem that is used as a vehicle for artistic learning through process and repetition over time.

Photo by Ezra Dickinson

Puzzel Luchador

Luchador mask created for Urban Artworks 2nd Annual Benefit Auction. Made from the trimmed, hole punched petals of the Monkey Puzzle Tree. Spray painted chrome gold, brass chrome and hand sewn to create the look of armor.

Photo by Danielle Blackwell


Commissioned mural for On the Boards 16/17 season. Titled SEE TALK, acrylic paint on banner vinyl, dimensions 20′ by 9′. Lines and personal iconography abstractly convey the conversation and anticipation of an audience pre performance.

Photo by Ezra Dickinson


Spontaneous public installation, Seattle 2016. Three dimensional cardboard letters, painted with acrylic paint. Humanity is shown left out in the rain to be reclaimed by nature or possibly a timely passerby.

Photo by Ezra Dickinson


For this CoCA exhibition, the New Mystics explored what we discard, where we find value, and where we find “coolness.” This show navigated the space between being complicit in the current homeless struggle and reflecting on one’s disconnection between detritus and desire. MORE INFO

Photo by Ezra Dickinson

Life Cycle

Commissioned by Sound Transit in 2015 for University District’s Golden wall, dimensions 28′ by 4′. Acrylic paint on banner vinyl. Titled Life Cycle, this is an abstract representation through lines, color and personal iconography, of birth, death, returning to the earth and being reborn again, all the while the interconnectedness of everything persists.

Photo by Ezra Dickinson