Ceramic Castle 2009

(2009) handbuilt ceramic sculpture

Gift created for a friend’s mother. This castle was modeled after Neuschwanstein. I had not hand built anything in eight years before creating this piece. This project taught/reminded me of many things I should do differently when building a large ceramic sculpture.


Walk with us 2020

(2020) painted banner

I felt compelled to respond to the conflicts between Black Lives Matters marchers and the violent provocations of the police. Inspired by seeing a few police officers in different cities choosing to walk with demonstrators as they marched. I aimed to tell Seattle Police officers to embrace the community and its vulnerabilities, stand up for the underserved, walk with us and choose to hear the voices of the people.



(2019) poster collaboration

Created with my best friend Nahaan. This poster speaks to the sad reality that indigenous women continue to be murdered and go missing. Inadequately investigated, this heartbreaking reality pulls at the backbone of culture and strength in native families, communities, and ceremonies. The words XEIGAA LATSEEN in Tlingit  translate to “TRUE POWER”, true power and wealth come from strong women.


Oskar’s Card 2020

(2020) hand made card gift

Created for a friend’s young child as a pick-me-up while they worked through health issues. There’s nothing quite like the tug of a friend telling you in honesty how hard of a time their kid is having dealing with health issues, and how much of a trooper they are through it all. This is the fuel that births unprovoked gifts, little ways of saying I know life is tough but you rock!


Mother Printed Poem 2012

(2012) Text block printed on muslin, created for Mother for you I made this performance.

In developing my route for the performance of Mother for you I made this, I found myself gravitating towards the Federal Court House because I felt its backdrop during the performance could stand in as a symbol for the machine of America that forgets so many of its parts. I wanted to write a poem speaking to a courtroom and its judge: an only child pleading with the court/country’s constituents to see the forgotten and vulnerable, an only child pleading for the rights of his institutionalised mother. In my short film Listen I read this poem to an empty counsel chamber in Seattle’s City Hall. 


Photo Nate Watters

To create this work I first had to measure the length between a desirable grove of trees located in the courtyard of the Court House. Having the exact distances between each tree, I started to create the layout of each word and each sentence. I had to take into consideration the direction that the poem would unfurl from my belly and how the audience was going to be viewing this work as I wrapped this poem through the trees. Once I had these steps completed this allowed me to determine the total length that was going to be needed to both complete the poem and also begin sewing the full length of muslin together. In total this poem is a hundred and fifty feet long. I hand printed each letter of each word, meticulously measuring each sentence so that it fell in the middle of its allotted length. I created a special undershirt that had a built compartment that housed and allowed for the poem to look as though it was being pulled from my belly. When the poem was wrapped in the trees it created a five pointed star, I think of this as not a nod to the stars on the American flag but a ritual space delineation each and every time I completed the task of wrapping. I am truly proud of this particular performance element. I feel this work digs deep to speak truth to power, and for my love of my mother. (from Mother for you I made this performance)


Photo Nate Watters

Photo Nate Watters

Photo Nate Watters

Baba Yaga Platter 2009

(2009) ceramic sculpture 

This is a gift for my grandmother. Her request was for a platter that could house her yearly gingerbread house creation. With the platter, the gingerbread house is elevated and transformed into Baba Yaga’s hut. I get so much joy from creating gifts for friends and loved ones, this gift in particular was revealed as a true success when I received the photograph after the gingerbread house had been erected on top of the platter.


Photo Ron Hammond

Free Sheep Bald 2010

(2010) mural painted for the Free Sheep Foundation, Seattle

Something that I truly love is solving space through design. For me in this case, this means finding a way to take a space that is undervalued and make the entirety of this space something special. I have a real obsession with confronting the hard to reach spots, wanting to fill every last nook. Leading the viewer on a journey that has uncountable ways that it could be traversed. There is something quite satisfying about using a pen up entirely from start to finish. This mural consisted of an underpainting of spray paint color. Then, fifteen hours continuously of hand drawn work until the pen gave up.


Allosaurus Mask 2012

(2012) mask created for the performance of Mother for you I made this

Inspired by looking through National Geographic as a child, this mask was modeled after a photograph that always stuck in my memory–a brightly colored model of an allosaurus tied down riding in the back of a pickup truck. I made this mask using cardboard, masking tape and acrylic paint. This is a very light weight mask that has found a role in numerous short films, namely Dinosaurs and Sea Hawks and Foreign and Familiar, in addition to setting the stage for the closing moments of Mother for you I made this.


Mother Mask 2012

(2012) mask created for Mother for you I made this performance.

I only have a few images of my mother taken within the last ten years. When I imagined creating a mask of my mother I found myself feeling lucky to have this image as my only and best photo. I have the color original. In a progression of performative ideas, I xeroxed the color into only black and white. My first use of the xerox’d photo of my mother was for a Ten Tiny performance, for this performance I made a dress out of 80 copies of my mother’s face.
For this mother mask, I gave myself the task of finding a store bought mask that had the same expression as my mother in this photo. Taking multiple copies I began to recreate my mother’s face overlaid on the preexisting mask (of Hillary Clinton).
My mother has a healthy fear of the government that is amplified by her imbalance. I thought it was a poetic gesture with a mother’s son portraying her face skin deep over Hillary, walking the streets searching for the last few ferries among the cement of the big city.


Photo Anthony Rigano

Photo Tim Summers

Mother Quilt 2013

(2013) quilt created for the performance of Mother for you I made this.

Sourcing ideas and imagery from my childhood of wanting to be able to wrap myself in my mother’s arms turned into creating a portrait of my mother and sewing that into a quilt that I could wrap myself in. This was the first quilt I have ever made, but was definitely not my last. I used four 3’x5’ tiled sections of photographic fabric to create this 5’x7’ portrait of my mother Kathryn. 

Photo Anthony Rigano

Velocity Bash, Photo Jim Colman