The first mural completed working for Urban Artworks. Finished in fall of 2015, with the help of Lina and Connor. Integrating RESOURCE’s logo with geometric design and color to create a cohesive building length piece of art. Approximate length is 128′ by 20′ at the highest point.

Photo by Ezra Dickinson

making a new friend

I had a photo shoot with James Arzente the other day, conversation and play, a new door opens and the past floods in. Check out James’s beautiful work here.


Photo by James Arzenet

Mural for MBar

Sharp golden lines for the newly opened MBar in south lake union. This 106 foot mural guides guests to the stunning rooftop restaurant and bar. Located on the 14th floor at 400 Fairview.


Mural for Mbar

Photos by Ezra Dickinson

Commission work

Acrylic, spray paint, and adhesive vinyl on wood. Dimensions 4’x4′. Commissioned by Microsoft Evoke Lab’s as part of a six piece series created by members of the New Mystics.


Photo by Ezra Dickinson

Becia Orix

Hand Built, low fire, underglaze with over glaze and wax resist. Approximate dimensions 14″x13″x6″.

This piece has been quite a long time in the making. The investigation began with building a cardboard armature to provide a foundation for slabs of clay to be placed on. Upon drying I realized that even though the cardboard had been essentially tenderized, it was still to rigid for the clay in its drying process, and thus was making the clay crack. After four attempts of trying to tweak different things in the hopes of making the drying process not result in cracks of various sizes. I decided to pull the armature out after a day of drying, when I did this I was able to get the piece to dry with out cracking. Then began an unintentionally long glazing process, time and life took over and only a little bit of color could be added each week.
Becia Orix
The next piece is already under way, its going to be a wearable ceramic mask modeled after a snarling german shepherd.
Photo by Ezra Dickinson.

Residency: CoCA’s Un[contained].

“I can’t help but notice the increase in the past ten years of people living on the street in Seattle, especially in the last three years.

Using salvaged wood in tandem with other recycled/donated resources, I have created a portable living space for someone who is homeless. It’s my intention to build more of these structures when ever able. By painting the exterior of the structure I aim to make this home command the attention of those who would rather choose to ignore the state of homelessness and displacement in our area. The home acting as a billboard, stating in the most matter of fact way the basic necessity of having a roof over ones head. Voicing through words the needed legislative action of RENT CONTROL to help create sensible affordable homes for those in need.
Can this temporary home be a sense of pride for the inhabitant? Could this action open the eyes of developers?”

Addressing An Issue

Photo by Nichole DeMent.

Mid paste: “Man’s Inhumanity to Man”

Lisbon, acrylic paint on paper.

Pondering the actions of humans, while wandering the streets of a country that has in the not so distant past, used the activism of public art as a means to support and spark revolution.


photo by NTG.

Lisbon Street Art: Forgotten Arch

Lisbon, acrylic paint on paper.

Always looking to blend or camouflage work into its surroundings. This approach might buy the work a little more time on the street, or it may not. The reality of not only street art being ephemeral but everything slowly crumbling before our eyes is a beautiful thing to observe.


photo by Ezra Dickinson

Blue Brother Bald

Acrylic and adhesive vinyl on wood. Approximate dimensions 20″x20″, NFS.

Going for a very contrasting pallet, the tan of the wood grain becomes the visual that pops in this work. While the reds of the adhesive vinyl provide detail and depth. Blue provides a relief to the eyes and a way to begin agin.


Photo by Ezra Dickinson


Low fire, thrown, over glaze with wax resist. Approximate dimensions 8″x1’X8″, NFS.

Always looking to create satisfying shapes and visuals, this vase has an almost hidden pop of vibrant yellow spiraling down its outsides.


Photo by Ezra Dickinson.