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Bitter Suites

An encore performance by HYPERNOVA Contemporary Dance Company

November 8-11 / 7:30PM / Velocity Dance Center


Bitter Suites, an ode to coming of age, growing pains, and what pop culture teaches us about becoming an adult. Join us as we hit Velocity’s stage in our elegy to the painfully awkward and sometimes breathtaking journey of growing up.

Bitter Suites is HYPERNOVA’s most recent full-length work, and opened to enthusiastic praise from audiences for an all-too-brief run at Yaw Theater last year. Bitter Suites mixes fact and fantasy in a coming-of-age story that celebrates the nostalgia of growing up. Imaginative movement, music, text, and visual design intersect in a dreamy, pastel landscape. This bittersweet story follows ten performers as they examine their own memories surrounding the inevitable transition from childhood innocence to self-aware adulthood. Iconic imagery and references from late 20th century pop culture heavily influence the costume, lighting, and set design. The original score meshes classical structure with instrumentation prevalent in the 80s and 90s.