Base Occasional

Sep 6-7, 8pm. Base 6520 5th Avenue South. Seattle WA


A periodic platform for new work in contemporary dance. The Base Occasional No. 1 features experimental and in-progress works by Seattle-based choreographer Heather Kravas and Oakland-based choreographer Maureen Whiting, along with excerpts of new works by Base co-founders Dayna Hanson and Peggy Piacenza. Ezra will be showing work for both Maureen Whiting and Peggy Piacenza.

Abstract Art and Social Justice

Free talk at BASE on Thursday, Sept. 7 at 5pm:  with Maureen Whiting and Ezra Dickinson

What is the relationship between abstract contemporary dance/performance and social justice within the context of an individual artist’s practice? Burden of Joy is a choreographic inquiry into mental illness and suicide, informed by the true story of the choreographer’s mother. A public discussion between choreographer Maureen Whiting and longtime company member Ezra Dickinson addresses the complexities that can arise when artists draw from personal history. Dickinson’s works, Psychic Radio Star (commissioned by On the Boards in 2016) and Mother for You I Made This (commissioned by Velocity Dance Center in 2013) both concern his own mother, who lives with mental illness. The audience is invited to participate in this open conversation about how art making, community engagement and social justice intertwine.


Velocity Fall Kick-Off

SEPT 16, 7:30PM. Velocity Founders Theater 1621 12th Ave. Seattle WA


Celebrate the kick-off to Velocity’s Season. Excerpts of works by Elby Brosch / Veronica Lee Baik / Rainbow Fletcher/ Liz Houlton / Ella Mahler  / Coleman Pester + Erica Badgeley / Deborah Wolf. Ezra will be performing for Rainbow Fletcher aka HYPERNOVA.


The Event

October 19–22, Base 6520 5th Avenue South. Seattle WA


The Event follows the human spirit on its search for meaning within absurdity, as the soul is urged to purge what weighs it down. Choreography by Peggy Piacenza. Performed by Ezra Dickinson, Kim Lusk, Wade Madsen and Amelia Reeber. With original score by Paurl Walsh, lighting design by Amiya Brown, costume Design by Dani Blackwell and video by Leo Mayberry & Gaelen Hanson.
Help make The Event happen by supporting the work in development through our Hatchfund campaign.


Up Coming Dates:

After a successful NDP supported residency at OtB Aug 14-25, Psychic Radio Star and crew looks a head to schedule tour dates in the coming weeks.