Bowls for sale (2020-Present)

(2021) Ongoing project, ceramic bowls of words.

For 2021 I chose three new phrases, SPACE ANNIHILATORS, YOU AND I ARE EARTH, and TIME IS MEMORY. Here’s a little explanation of the three phrases: SPACE ANNIHILATORS, in reference to humans, comes from Paramahansa Yogananda; YOU AND I ARE EARTH, was written on a plate discovered in the sewer of England also accompanied by the date of 1661; and TIME IS MEMORY, is the creative mantra of my good friend. Pottery has the chance to communicate something to the future, as a fragment or an intact vessel. With these bowls, I aim to share a little of who we are as humans at this time. If you’re in the Seattle area and would like to arange a pick up/in perdson viewing of invintory. Email for inquiries.

For 2020 I threw over 100 bowls, some porcelain, some terra cotta, with the three phrases ( I LOVE YOU, WE ARE ANIMALS, FREE THE FUTURE). The selection you see here are currently for sale for $50 per bowl plus shipping if needed. For inquiries email Ezra at: 

T-Shirts (2020-present)

Wear your support for an open dialogue on RENT CONTROL in Washington State.


Proceeds from sales of these t-shirts go to support Sawhorse Revolution. Check out the link and learn about the wonderful programs they foster benefiting youth and the homeless in our region.
Two color WE DESERVE RENT CONTROL silkscreen (black t-shirt) and three color RENT CONTROL silkscreen (white t-shirt). Both designs are printed on a soft cotton shirt, currently only available in colors shown.
If you would like to arange an in Seattle hand off email requests to:


Blue Brother Bald (2008)

(2008) Visual art Painting.


Blue Brother Bald mixed media artwork created in 2008. Going for a contrasting pallet, the tan of the wood grain becomes the visual that pops in this work. While the reds of the adhesive vinyl provide detail and depth. Blue provides a relief to the eyes and a way to begin again. 
Acrylic and adhesive vinyl on wood. Dimensions 24″x24″.
email Ezra at: for inquiries/questions.