Bowls for sale (2020-present)

(2020) Ongoing project, ceramic bowls of words.


For 2020 I threw over 100 bowls, some porcelain, some terra cotta, with the three phrases ( I LOVE YOU, WE ARE ANIMALS, FREE THE FUTURE). The selection you see here are currently for sale for $50 per bowl plus shipping if needed. For inquiries email Ezra at: 





T Shirts (2020-present)

Wear your support for an open dialogue on RENT CONTROL in Washington State.


Proceeds from sales of these t-shirts go to support Sawhorse Revolution. Check out the link and learn about the wonderful programs they foster benefiting youth and the homeless in our region.
T-shirts available in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large. Two color WE DESERVE RENT CONTROL silkscreen (black t-shirt) and three color RENT CONTROL silkscreen (white t-shirt). Both designs are printed on a soft cotton shirt, currently only available in colors shown. Price is $35 including shipping, or $30 if shipping is not required.
Payment can happen through PayPal, Venmo or cash if meeting in person. 
Email requests to: 


Blue Brother Bald (2008)

(2008) Visual art Painting.


This is a painting I created in 2008. Going for a contrasting pallet, the tan of the wood grain becomes the visual that pops in this work. While the reds of the adhesive vinyl provide detail and depth. Blue provides a relief to the eyes and a way to begin again. Acrylic and adhesive vinyl on wood. Dimensions 24″x24″. I’m asking $1000, email Ezra at: for inquiries.