Natural Movement

(2018) New Mystics public installation located in Seattle’s Pioneer Square’s Nord alley.

Eight individually designed disks replaced the worn and in some cases damaged disks that have weathered summer and winter in the northwest for the last four years. Disk reads “THE BALD MAN IS WATCHING YOU”. Adhesive vinyl and acrylic paint, dimension 25” circle.


(2017) Installation by The New Mystics collective, CoCA, Seattle WA. 

For this commissioned work, the New Mystics sourced discarded clothing from the streets of Seattle, and mirrors from craigslist. We fabricated black mirror letters that mounted to the wall and created all needed hardware. We glass etched the mirrors, and created a reflected point of observance revealing our collective question to the city. YENOM WEN NEW MONEY, what will Seattle do with the influx of cash, will a more equitable culture be ushered in or will tech destroy the last grasps of anything cool or derelict, full of character and creativity. This show navigated the space between being complicit in the current homeless struggle and reflecting on one’s disconnection between detritus and desire. We ask the question, what role will philanthropy play in this new frontier? MORE INFO



Public Action

(2017) Commissioned public art sculpture, Velocity 2. Seattle WA

Speaking to the needs of our city and region. Expressing thoughts that have to be seen, heard and acted upon. A sense of permission emerges as one contributes clear messages into the public realm. We must do better to support the most vulnerable among us, we must recognize factually the displacement taking place in this area. We can not stand idly by as this effects all of us. Cardboard letters created with the help of artists Angel179 and NKO, approximate size 20′ by 20′. 


Chin Mayo

Chin Mayo was a collaborative mural installation, between Day Chan and baldmanwatching. This mural was created on the walls and floor of FRED Wildlife Refuge Gallery in Seattle, curated by Sean M. Johnson in 2011. Sixteen hours where spent masking out the gallery with painters tape. Twelve hours were spent splattering paint using a number of different methods. Final touches were rolling out chunks of color organizing the chaos to create the finished piece.

A time laps of the work being created can be viewed here: