Street Biennale 2010

(2010) mural

This mural was commissioned for display at the Bumbershoot festival as part of the exhibit, Seattle Street 2010. Painted in four days, this mural was forty feet wide, and eight feet tall. Organized by a collection of Seattle artists, this exhibit showcased the work of active and contributing street artists/muralists and graffiti artists in Seattle.


Artville Residency 2019

(2019) Leadville Colorado residency

The month of October, high in the mountains, served as a time for allowing space. My time was spent walking, seeing mountain tops, movement researching/choreographing, environment sketches, mural painting, all while living with dear friends.



I was able to create the movement framework used for the choreographic commission at North Star Ballet in Fairbanks Alaska following my residency. My environment sketches serve as a personal photograph for my eyes, a drawn memory of any location that captures my attention.



My friends like to walk. While at Artville I was invited to go for a three-day walk along a section of the Continental Divide Trail. I have for quite a long time fantasized about long distance walking. This served as a beautiful introduction to this revealing and healing path.



I visited the peaks of five mountain tops over 14,000 feet while at Artville. I have a long standing practice of planting a handstand at the top of high points. I aim to try and pretend that while in the handstand, I’m actually rightside up and holding up the mountain and world in my hands. As a student of my own body, I love the reality of walking up a steep mountain, the physical strength and stamina needed to listen to and work through rapid altitude shifts is humbling to say the least.


Walk with us 2020

(2020) painted banner

I felt compelled to respond to the conflicts between Black Lives Matters marchers and the violent provocations of the police. Inspired by seeing a few police officers in different cities choosing to walk with demonstrators as they marched. I aimed to tell Seattle Police officers to embrace the community and its vulnerabilities, stand up for the underserved, walk with us and choose to hear the voices of the people.



(2019) poster collaboration

Created with my best friend Nahaan. This poster speaks to the sad reality that indigenous women continue to be murdered and go missing. Inadequately investigated, this heartbreaking reality pulls at the backbone of culture and strength in native families, communities, and ceremonies. The words XEIGAA LATSEEN in Tlingit  translate to “TRUE POWER”, true power and wealth come from strong women.


Free Sheep Bald 2010

(2010) mural painted for the Free Sheep Foundation, Seattle

Something that I truly love is solving space through design. For me in this case, this means finding a way to take a space that is undervalued and make the entirety of this space something special. I have a real obsession with confronting the hard to reach spots, wanting to fill every last nook. Leading the viewer on a journey that has uncountable ways that it could be traversed. There is something quite satisfying about using a pen up entirely from start to finish. This mural consisted of an underpainting of spray paint color. Then, fifteen hours continuously of hand drawn work until the pen gave up.


The Belmont 2007

(2007) Mural Installation, with New Mystics collective

An apartment building that had stood for a hundred years, housing countless folks, in its last days was a home to many artists. The New Mystics came together to organize a celebration to release this structure into our memory. Many artists were involved in the creation of this work. Some people worked alone with whole apartments, some joined together and collectively decorated their allotted space. Some lived in their homes until the last moment they could. I chose to paint this hallway. It took me a day and a half painting uninterrupted through the night. We threw a party on the last day of legal habitation.


Cerulean Dream 2015

(2015) Mural Installation, with New Mystics collective

Paying honor to a space that housed a fellow artist for years. In its last days before demolition, we came together to paint the entire inside of this home. We worked in shifts over the course of a week. We chose the name Cerulean Dream because the area this home was located in is called the Central District or CD for short. Blue was the chosen color for this project. We used so much paint that it started to leak through the floorboards and seep into the space below this apartment. Photos highlight my contributions.


Moore Balding 2010

(2010) Mural, Moore Inside Out, Moore Theatre, Seattle WA

Mural commissioned by the Inside Out Festival, painted in the west exit ramp of the main floor Moore Theatre. Thirty-two hours straight were spent painting, spending the night inside the Moore Theatre, commonly recognised as one of the most haunted buildings in Seattle. This mural was painted with care to not disturb the already existing old paint job peeling away from the walls. With painstaking detail, this one color mural involved numerous instances of paint being delicately applied to already peeling paint chips so that the new design would visually stand uninterrupted, while keeping intact the crumbling visual appearance inside the exit ramp.


La Boca 2012

(2012) Mural, Neighborhood of La Boca, Buenos Aires Argentina.

Mural painted as a gift to the neighborhood of La Boca. Walking through Buenos Aires I was approached and asked if I was a painter (my pants had paint splatters all over them). When I said yes, I was presented with this wall and asked if I wanted to paint something, of course I said yes. For three days I painted on a very precarious ladder, while kids blew up firecrackers, little grandmothers fed kittens, and the whole neighborhood collected by me to watch this mural take shape. It was an amazing experience.


Mary’s Place 2017

(2017) Commissioned public art mural, Urban Artworks, Seattle WA. 

Mural painted to beautify the temporary play area for children of residents of Mary’s Place. Commissioned through Urban artworks. This work was painted freehand using acrylic brush paint, rollers and paint sprayer. I am always quite happy to create works that enliven those that have fallen on hard times. It felt quite powerful to give this simple work to the kids making their play area all the more realised.