Remembering Space

Drifting between streets and vacant lots, not far in our past is the ghost of a rainforest lush with wet green vegetation. Interacting with this regions change as it claims memories from around you is a constant effort to recall what was.

This mural was painted as a memorial, remembering time, effort and thought. As space transforms it must be recognised, appreciated and honored. One hundred hours was spent painting the floors and walls of this roughly 40.000 square foot warehouse. Using donated and salvaged acrylic paint totalling one hundred gallons. The walls are painted with 20 foot tall letters reading, MAN’S INHUMANITY TO MAN. The design on the floor consists of repeated abstract iconography and spatial geometry.

Photo by Ezra Dickinson


First painted in 2013 as a live painting performance installation for Velocity’s Fall-Kickoff, new additions to this mural in the box office entryway of Velocity dance Center are currently underway. The overall intent is to bring elements of the existing diagonal white lines on the facing of the building into the existing mural. Working with lines and abstracted personal iconography of the human face, color, shape and space are explored. Approximate dimensions 25′ x 15′ painted in acrylic and enamel.

Photo by Ezra Dickinson


Commissioned mural for On the Boards 16/17 season. Titled SEE TALK, acrylic paint on banner vinyl, dimensions 20′ by 9′. Lines and personal iconography abstractly convey the conversation and anticipation of an audience pre performance.

Photo by Ezra Dickinson

Life Cycle

Commissioned by Sound Transit in 2015 for University District’s Golden wall, dimensions 28′ by 4′. Acrylic paint on banner vinyl. Titled Life Cycle, this is an abstract representation through lines, color and personal iconography, of birth, death, returning to the earth and being reborn again, all the while the interconnectedness of everything persists.

Photo by Ezra Dickinson

Barcelona Legal

While traveling, finding connections in new lands lead us to this legal wall. Barcelona in the last few years outlawed graffiti, as a result, what once was a vibrant street mural and graffiti city has been somewhat cleaned up. The artists will never stop and thus new paths emerge to allow artists to create works in public. Acrylic paint and rollers on wall, approximate dimensions 22′ by 10′. Barcelona Spain, spring 2017.

Photos by Ezra Dickinson

Ibn Batouta mural

Mural painted as a gift to the neighborhood community of Ibn Batouta. Painted with amazingly brilliant acrylic paint, wanted to bring this paint back home. One coat light or dark would cover any other color. While painting here we experienced such completely generous, warm and welcoming people. Memories and friends were made, we can’t say thank you enough and hope to get back there again soon. Acrylic on wall, Ibn Batouta Tangier Morocco, spring 2016.

Photos by Ezra Dickinson


The first mural completed working for Urban Artworks. Finished in fall of 2015, with the help of Lina and Connor. Integrating RESOURCE’s logo with geometric design and color to create a cohesive building length piece of art. Approximate length is 128′ by 20′ at the highest point.

Photo by Ezra Dickinson

Mural for MBar

Sharp golden lines for the newly opened MBar in south lake union. This 106 foot mural guides guests to the stunning rooftop restaurant and bar. Located on the 14th floor at 400 Fairview.


Mural for Mbar

Photos by Ezra Dickinson