Natural Evolution

Natural Movement an already existing New Mystics public installation located in Pioneer Square’s Nord alley. It has come time to revamp and update the installation. Eight new individually designed disks will replace the worn and in some cases damaged disks that have weathered summer and winter in the northwest for the last four years. Disk reads “THE BALD MAN IS WATCHING YOU”. Adhesive vinyl and acrylic paint, dimension 25” circle.

Photo by Ezra Dickinson


This hangable work of art is raised off the wall by a 3” wooden frame that follows the outline of the work. Adhesive vinyl and acrylic block print make up the image. The title of Cardinal refers to the four cardinal directions. The image is an abstraction of the human face, a personal totem that is used as a vehicle for artistic learning through process and repetition over time.

Photo by Ezra Dickinson

Commission work

Acrylic, spray paint, and adhesive vinyl on wood. Dimensions 4’x4′. Commissioned by Microsoft Evoke Lab’s as part of a six piece series created by members of the New Mystics.


Photo by Ezra Dickinson

Blue Brother Bald

Acrylic and adhesive vinyl on wood. Approximate dimensions 20″x20″, NFS.

Going for a very contrasting pallet, the tan of the wood grain becomes the visual that pops in this work. While the reds of the adhesive vinyl provide detail and depth. Blue provides a relief to the eyes and a way to begin agin.


Photo by Ezra Dickinson

Chin Mayo

Chin Mayo was a collaborative mural installation, between Day Chan and baldmanwatching. This mural was created on the walls and floor of FRED Wildlife Refuge Gallery in Seattle, curated by Sean M. Johnson in 2011. Sixteen hours where spent masking out the gallery with painters tape. Twelve hours were spent splattering paint using a number of different methods. Final touches were rolling out chunks of color organizing the chaos to create the finished piece.

A time laps of the work being created can be viewed here:



Photos by Ezra Dickinson