BIG BOWLS (2022-present)

(2022) Ongoing project, big ceramic bowls of words.


Big ceramic bowls of words, allows for the text to capture a larger idea or sentiment. Turning the act of reading the text on a big bowl into a physical performance of sorts, or a puzzle if you like. Words and quotes that deserve a chance at imortality, a chance to speak for humanity far off in the future. As always if you would like to commission a custom phrase, contact ezra at:







Bowls for sale (2020-Present)


(2023) Ongoing project, ceramic bowls of words.


I wanted to get a head start on 2023 in regards to bowls, and with that I’m not exactly sure if I will continue to follow the model I have established in past years. I’m feeling a want for more variation and also possibly revisiting some of my past phrases, all that will be decided as the year plays out. So far for this year I have chosen the three new phrases, THEY WERE LIKE GODS, QUESTION EVERYTHING, and MUTUAL AID. Kinda feels like with these three phrases we have the downfall, the reality, and who we could be. I have also brought back three past phrases, I LOVE YOU, TIME IS MEMORY, and WE ARE ANIMALS.  As always with these bowls I’m creating a future artifact, an inanimate object that in its way speaks for us and of us, possibly communicating to another being far in the future, that’s my hope for these bowls at least. As always if you would like to commission a custom phrase, contact ezra at:





For 2022 I threw a smaller batch of bowls 38 ended up being the number. I was aiming for 62, but a glaze test run amok caused me to have to put 24 bowls into my seconds stash. The three phrases I chose for this round are, MOONAGE DAYDREAM, GIVE TAKE, and NADIE ES ILEGAL. Many will recognize MOONAGE DAYDREAM as the title of track three from David Bowie’s “The Rise And Fall Of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars”. GIVE TAKE is a profound mantra I find often running through my head. I have for some time been doing my best to remind our elected Senators and House members, through various social media applications, that NADIE ES ILEGAL or NO ONE IS ILLEGAL. Pottery has the chance to communicate something to the future, as a fragment or an intact vessel. With these bowls, I aim to share a little of who we are as humans at this time. If you’re in the Seattle area and would like to arrange a pick up/in person viewing of inventory. Email for inquiries.


For 2021 I chose three new phrases, SPACE ANNIHILATORS, YOU AND I ARE EARTH, and TIME IS MEMORY. Here’s a little explanation of the three phrases: SPACE ANNIHILATORS, in reference to humans, comes from Paramahansa Yogananda; YOU AND I ARE EARTH, was written on a plate discovered in the sewer of England also accompanied by the date of 1661; and TIME IS MEMORY, is the creative mantra of my good friend. Pottery has the chance to communicate something to the future, as a fragment or an intact vessel. With these bowls, I aim to share a little of who we are as humans at this time. If you’re in the Seattle area and would like to arange a pick up/in perdson viewing of invintory. Email for inquiries.


Artville Residency (2022)


(2022) Artville Residency, CT Walk, Library Mural


I returned to Leadville again this year to spend September at Artville. This time my intention was to do some good solid thinking, and walk the Colorado Trail as much as could be accomplished given how my body coped with the task. Walking from Copper Mountain to Cottonwood Pass, approximately 90 miles, over the course of nine days, with a total ascent of 16,700 ft, and descent of 13,800 ft, was as much as I could handle. I was accompanied and guided by my friend and experienced through hiker Groucho, and the dog Bo Jackson. Along the walk there were many moments of peace, beauty, extremes, time in a geologic sense, stars, and the ache of my IT bands which I learned I need to stretch out quite a lot more if I’m going to go on longer walks like this in the future. I have known for some time that I very much love walking, and I am slowly learning that I very much like walking long trails in nature. As always the tiny community of Leadville is a joy in its weird beauty, the more time I spend there the more I feel a part of the community, and I’m thankful for this.



In between walking on the CT and resting, I had the opportunity to paint a mural at the Leadville Library with my walking companion Groucho. We chose an apt quote from Groucho Marx, “Outside of a dog a book is man’s best friend, inside of a dog it’s too dark to read”, it’s always an honor to leave art works in locations far from one’s usual stomping grounds.


I always try to do a few drawings of the places I find myself at, here is a drawing of the main street in Leadville.

Gallery Bunkawitz (2022)

(2022) Gallery Bukawitz


In memory of a great cat (Bunkawitz) Seattle’s tiniest gallery has been formed. Curated by Danielle Blackwell, Tim Fowler and myself Ezra Dickinson, we aim to give our neighborhood and anyone who wonders by a little taste of the creations regularly being made here at our home. New exhibits every two months, starting September 2022. You can follow Gallery Bunkawitz on instagram @gallery_bunkawitz




Hanoon Bench (2022)


(2022) Hanoon Bench, Totem Lake WA

In the spring of 2022 I was commissioned by long time friends and supporters Wassef and Racha Haroun to create and install a design for a 50’x8’ restaurant bench back, at their new restaurant Hanoon in Totem Lake. The project called for me to source inspiration from an 18th century Syrian inlay on a dresser Wassef and Racha own. I started by sketching and getting into a design area that we all liked. Then digitally I started making drafts of the design working towards a product that would be sent off to be CNC routed into twelve and a half sheets of walnut veneer 1” plywood. While the design was being routed, the framing for the bench was built and installed. When the entire design had been completed, the routed plywood was installed at Hanoon. I then got to work painting the inlay design all 50’ feet of it. For the painting we chose to mimic the source inspiration of the Syrian dresser vine motif. Silver for the vine, and bone white with a translucent pearl overcoat for the blooms. This design and the completed product came out great. I’m quite pleased with the results, Wassef and Racha were speechless, the atmosphere that this piece added to the restaurant is palpable and commanding. If you would like to commission a design contact Ezra at:



Allegro (2022)


(2022) Allegro Poster, mural


Poster painted for a college friend’s dance school. When wild things happen and someone drives their car through the front of your dance school, on the fly signage must be created to let folks know you’re still open and operational during the repair/remodel. This poster’s overall length was 27’ wide, painted with acrylic paint on paper. My aim here was to have the dropshadow lay in a different direction for each letter. If you would like to commission a poster for any reason reach out to Ezra at:


Button Blanket (2022)


(2022) Button Blanket, sewn regalia

In 2020 along with the naming ceremony of Kaaseiyi I was formally adopted by the Killer Whale house of the Tlingit tribe. I was given the name of Yaanax loosely meaning, meticulous with space. I was adopted by one of my oldest friends Nahaan, someone who I have called my brother for years. The adoption in retrospect makes sense, but at the time came as quite a surprise to me. These are photos showing work on my button blanket, regalia used for celebrations, ceremonies and dancing. This killer whale design was gifted to me by Nahaan. As time goes by I will decorate this blanket with buttons, and beads.

No Human is Illegal (2022)


(2022) No Human Is Illegal Poster


My response in poster form to the constant attacks from republican politicians against innocent humans fleaing genocide, political turmoil, and climate catastrophe. Arbitrary lines drawn on the earth are nothing, borders are fake and only used to hurt those with little or no power. The future does not have borders, we live on earth. We must care for all humans, especially those facing hardship. Posters painted with acrylic paint on paper, four sections, two at 2’x3’, and two at 7’x3’. As always if you would like to commission a poster, reach out to Ezra at:



Black Crane (2022)


(2022) Black Crane Treehouse

One of my main projects at the start of 2022 was helping the Rockland crew build the Black Crane Treehouse. I joined the build just after the subfloor had been established, staying on the build until July, just as final touches were being worked out on the interior finish. This was my second build where I got to take part in the construction from the framing and raising of the walls onward. Since 2018 I have been giving a portion of my time to learning building protocol, permitting, and inspections. This treehouse really brought together all the elements of the build, this is knowledge that I can apply in so many ways as life presents all sorts of building opportunities in the future. Check out Rockland Woods for more info about the artist residencies held twice yearly. Here is a selection of photos following the build process from start to finish.


State of emergence (2021) film

(2021) film 

This is a short film created by Austin Wilson, produced with Overall Creative during the summer of 2020. Features John Richards, Kathleen Warren and the creation of murals by Barry Johnson and Ezra Dickinson. It is a look at the thoughts and messages behind the works, during the summer when everything was boarded up and artists began to paint in the streets.
Additionally works shown by Amaris O. Hamer, Vivid Matter Collective, Paulina Cholewinski, Crystal Barbre, Casey Weldon, Zach Rockstad, Anne Siems, Baso Fibonacci, Zach Takasawa, Robert Tardiff, Connor McPherson, Evann Strathern, Billie Avery. Music by the Polyrhythmics.



Photos Austin Wilson