Bowls for sale (2020-Present)

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(2021) Ongoing project, ceramic bowls of words.

For 2021 I chose three new phrases, SPACE ANNIHILATORS, YOU AND I ARE EARTH, and TIME IS MEMORY. Here’s a little explanation of the three phrases: SPACE ANNIHILATORS, in reference to humans, comes from Paramahansa Yogananda; YOU AND I ARE EARTH, was written on a plate discovered in the sewer of England also accompanied by the date of 1661; and TIME IS MEMORY, is the creative mantra of my good friend. Pottery has the chance to communicate something to the future, as a fragment or an intact vessel. With these bowls, I aim to share a little of who we are as humans at this time. If you’re in the Seattle area and would like to arange a pick up/in perdson viewing of invintory. Email for inquiries.

For 2020 I threw over 100 bowls, some porcelain, some terra cotta, with the three phrases ( I LOVE YOU, WE ARE ANIMALS, FREE THE FUTURE). The selection you see here are currently for sale for $50 per bowl plus shipping if needed. For inquiries email Ezra at: