Upcoming opportunities to interact with my artwork.


Nothing at the moment to report, but take a look at this short film FREE THE YOUTH created in 2023.



I’m working on a collection of large posters, when Iv created enough of them (7-8) I will locate a venue to show these works. I’m tentatively calling this future ehibition “NEEDS TO BE SAID“.

Stories from the streets (working title) a new performative gift for my mother. This work is in process and I’m giving it the time that it takes. If you would like to hear more about the development, reach out to me at: ezramdickinson@gmail.com. Thank you to 4Culture for awarding me funding to support the first stage of this new work.

There is a long awaited premiere of Maureen Whiting Company’s Burden of Joy set to take place when the right venue shows itself.

Be well out there!