619 banner (2005)

| Graphic, Installation, Murals, Painting

(2005) mural painted on banner


I painted this banner while living in a small studio apartment. When I got the 30’ by 8’ vinyl banner home my first obstacle was to unfold this massive canvas and set it up so that I could paint it in my small space. I decided that I was going to navigate this banner into a scroll configuration so I could easily work from one end to the other. Panic set in a bit after I had unfolded the banner in my small space and subsequently filled my home with a slightly tangled heavy banner, after about an hour of pushing and pulling I finally wrangled this piece into the configuration I was aiming for, it was an adventure for sure, there was quite a few moments when i was sure I wasn’t going to get the banner under control though.


Photo Anthony Rigano


I hung this banner off the third floor fire escape of the 619 building for an art walk evening. It was really satisfying to see the whole piece unroll and hang from the building, up to that point I had not seen the whole piece together. 



A few months later I paired down this banner and cut it into ten sections that I, one by one, turned into stretched paintings on wooden frames. Each paired down piece I added to with adhesive vinyl and/or new colors of acrylic paint.