Hanoon Bench (2022)


(2022) Hanoon Bench, Totem Lake WA

In the spring of 2022 I was commissioned by long time friends and supporters Wassef and Racha Haroun to create and install a design for a 50’x8’ restaurant bench back, at their new restaurant Hanoon in Totem Lake. The project called for me to source inspiration from an 18th century Syrian inlay on a dresser Wassef and Racha own. I started by sketching and getting into a design area that we all liked. Then digitally I started making drafts of the design working towards a product that would be sent off to be CNC routed into twelve and a half sheets of walnut veneer 1” plywood. While the design was being routed, the framing for the bench was built and installed. When the entire design had been completed, the routed plywood was installed at Hanoon. I then got to work painting the inlay design all 50’ feet of it. For the painting we chose to mimic the source inspiration of the Syrian dresser vine motif. Silver for the vine, and bone white with a translucent pearl overcoat for the blooms. This design and the completed product came out great. I’m quite pleased with the results, Wassef and Racha were speechless, the atmosphere that this piece added to the restaurant is palpable and commanding. If you would like to commission a design contact Ezra at: ezramdickinson@gmail.com



Cardinal (2017)

(2017) Painting. Exhibited at Seattle Art Fair, Out of Sight, Seattle WA. 


This painting is a further step in the direction of building my own painting surfaces. For many years I have been building the frames my paintings go on to, and for some time I have wanted to create an asymmetrical frame to better follow the shape of my works. This is the first true venture into this new idea. This involved more than twenty individual parts, both glued and nailed together. Once the frame and surface had been built, sanded, and primed, I then placed the already created vinyl sticker onto the surface of the wood frame. The vinyl sticker had been gradually developed over the previous three years, incorporating both adhesive vinyl, acrylic paint and block print. This is probably not the most efficient way to create this work and in the future I plan to build the frame first then make the painting/mixed media work on the surface. It was very stressful affixing the premade vinyl sticker to the already built frame, there was absolutely no margin for error. With each work, new lessons are learned. I absolutely love how this piece turned out in the end. This work has since been sold.


Commission work (2016)

(2016) visual art painting.


Commissioned by Microsoft Evoke Lab’s as part of a six piece series created by members of the New Mystics.
Acrylic, spray paint, and adhesive vinyl on wood. Dimensions 4’x4′.



STar (2012)

(2012) Mural


Commissioned by Sound Transit for display on Capital Hills’ former red wall around the construction site of the light rail station. For the holidays, ten artists were paired with ten nonprofit organizations to create a work of art on a holiday star. I was paired with Velocity Dance Center. I created this geometric line pattern using painter’s tape and acrylic paint.


Photo Alex Garland

Paurl’s gift (2010)

(2010) vinyl painting 


I try to do my best to use all of the materials that come across my path. Since about 2006 I have been collecting and cataloguing adhesive vinyl scraps left from acrylic block printing thousands of my stickers. That is how this gift for my dear friend and longtime collaborator Paurl Walsh came to be. The start of this image was taken from a life drawing class I sat in on one day while at Cornish College of the Arts. I never really feel right just doing what’s expected. I don’t intentionally set out to be different, I just use what comes across my path and try my best to have fun along the way. I ended up in this life drawing class with a four by four piece of black foam core, so naturally I used this as my drawing surface for the class. Afterwards, this study came home and was stored away for some time before I started to fill in the study with different colors from my adhesive vinyl collection. Over the course of a few years this work emerged and finally became a gift. Along the way this work also served as album artwork for one of Mindie Lind’s bands Inly.


Blue Brother Bald (2008)

(2008) Visual art Painting.


Blue Brother Bald mixed media artwork created in 2008. Going for a contrasting pallet, the tan of the wood grain becomes the visual that pops in this work. While the reds of the adhesive vinyl provide detail and depth. Blue provides a relief to the eyes and a way to begin again. 
Acrylic and adhesive vinyl on wood. Dimensions 24″x24″.
email Ezra at: ezramdickinson@gmail.com for inquiries/questions.


Bald Man Show (2008)

(2008) solo art show, the Anne Bonny, Seattle


For this, my first solo visual art exhibition, I created fifty new paintings on built and stretched wooden frames. I experimented with a variety of surfaces for painting on, from silk, canvas, wood, vinyl and foam core. Each new work was of the Bald Man, a character I have been developing since 2001. The Bald Man is a tool for experimentation through visual art, murals, posters, printing, and ceramics and has become known amongst local graffiti works in the city. A tool to learn through, I have  committed to reproducing this image over the rest of my life.


2X2 (2008)

2X2 Seattle Street Art Show (2008) group show, the Anne Bonny, Seattle


I quite like exquisite corpse style creative experiments. For this group show, the walls were covered in two foot by two foot masonite panels. The collection of artists had a month to come through the gallery and contribute to the panels as they saw fit. Once completed, the public for the opening and subsequent exhibition period could purchase the individual panels that caught their eye. At the end of the month all the sold panels were connected to the buyers and everyone was happy.


Paintings (2006-current)



I have been creating mixed media hangable works of art since 2006. Similarly with stickers, I employ the use of my character The Bald Man as my primary source of visual information. Bending this character through lines, color, abstraction and geometry. 
In this page you can see a selection of past works that have long since been sold. If you are interested in commissioning a new work, send an email to baldmansocial@gmail.com. If you would like to see works that are currently up for sale check out this link.
Back. Acrylic and vinyl on wood. 2008.


Blue Sky. Acrylic and vinyl on wood. 2008


Silk. Acrylic and vinyl on silk. 2008


Shaken. Acrylic on canvas. 2008


One of Four. Acrylic, pen and vinyl on wood. 2008


Kiss. Acrylic, vinyl and pen on wood. 2008


Five. Acrylic, pen and vinyl on wood. 2008


Chunk Light. Acrylic and block print on wood. 2010


Contin Chin. Acrylic, vinyl and pen on wood. 2010


Evoke. Acrylic and vinyl on wood. 2016


Healthy. Acrylic, block print and vinyl on wood. 2020

619 banner (2005)

(2005) mural painted on banner


I painted this banner while living in a small studio apartment. When I got the 30’ by 8’ vinyl banner home my first obstacle was to unfold this massive canvas and set it up so that I could paint it in my small space. I decided that I was going to navigate this banner into a scroll configuration so I could easily work from one end to the other. Panic set in a bit after I had unfolded the banner in my small space and subsequently filled my home with a slightly tangled heavy banner, after about an hour of pushing and pulling I finally wrangled this piece into the configuration I was aiming for, it was an adventure for sure, there was quite a few moments when i was sure I wasn’t going to get the banner under control though.


Photo Anthony Rigano


I hung this banner off the third floor fire escape of the 619 building for an art walk evening. It was really satisfying to see the whole piece unroll and hang from the building, up to that point I had not seen the whole piece together. 



A few months later I paired down this banner and cut it into ten sections that I, one by one, turned into stretched paintings on wooden frames. Each paired down piece I added to with adhesive vinyl and/or new colors of acrylic paint.