Artville (2023)

| Residencies

(2023) Artville Residency 


For the month of September I was in residence at Artville, in the town of Leadville CO. This is time and space for me to detach from my normal routines and activities. Letting rest be front of mind, while away from my home. These are my overarching thoughts while there. Taking more time to see what’s around me, “don’t rush, everything will find its place”.


Drawing points of interest in the town of Leadville. I am so happy to sit and draw a location for hours. Watching the town go by, making choices about the shapes my hand is creating with the pen. I really do like this place (Leadville) it’s a strange mixture of old and welcoming.


While in Leadville Groucho and I created a public sculpture for the community farm. While one must witness this sculpture in person to experience its proposed powers. We named this creation the Intergalactic Squire Portal. 


I didn’t walk as much this time and that was just fine. Surrounded by the mountains I can’t stop staring at the outline of the peaks, the snow hiding in the shadows until the sun finally melts it, and then another storm walks through. I want to be in Leadville for the winter one of these years, I know it will be far more than I actually want in regards to snow and cold. I just want it to snow as hard as it can, and keep snowing for months.