Caldera poster (2015)

| Graphic, Postering, Residencies

(2015) painted poster


While in a choreographic residence with Tahni Holt at Caldera in the south eastern mountains of Oregon for a month, I decided that the stunning landscape I had found myself in, compelled me to paint in my down time and I created this fifteen by seven foot painted poster. The text that fills this work is taken from a nineteenth century elementary school primer that I found in the library at Caldera. I was struck by the writing in this primer as it was confronting the child who has grown up in the city and assumed that this child would have virtually no understanding of nature or farm creatures and a more rural life experience. Taking inspiration from a poster I created while in Lisbon Portugal which also used text to create the entire design. This work is yet to find a permanent home to this day. When the right location shows itself, I will add this work to the world.