Paurl’s gift (2010)

| Gifts, Graphic, Painting

(2010) vinyl painting 


I try to do my best to use all of the materials that come across my path. Since about 2006 I have been collecting and cataloguing adhesive vinyl scraps left from acrylic block printing thousands of my stickers. That is how this gift for my dear friend and longtime collaborator Paurl Walsh came to be. The start of this image was taken from a life drawing class I sat in on one day while at Cornish College of the Arts. I never really feel right just doing what’s expected. I don’t intentionally set out to be different, I just use what comes across my path and try my best to have fun along the way. I ended up in this life drawing class with a four by four piece of black foam core, so naturally I used this as my drawing surface for the class. Afterwards, this study came home and was stored away for some time before I started to fill in the study with different colors from my adhesive vinyl collection. Over the course of a few years this work emerged and finally became a gift. Along the way this work also served as album artwork for one of Mindie Lind’s bands Inly.