Valpo Painting (2023)

| Murals, Street

(2023) Valpariso Chile, mural painting


As a celebration of my fortieth year I was invited by two friends to check out a very special city in Chile named Valparaiso. Selected as a UNESCO world heritage site for the role graffiti, street art and murals has played in recent and past revolutions. I truly appreciate the chance to get outside of my comfort zone, being so far from home and wrapped in Chilean cultural richness. Finding a pace to fit in amongst all the creativity took a few days to make itself clear to us. Once we had our plan the community welcomed us. Learning language in a methodical way, my friends and I spent all possible time painting in the streets. Connecting with and making new friends happens naturally when you are the entertainment in real time. Living amongst a people and culture that values public art is a shock to the sences coming from the limitations of the US.