SEE TALK (2016)

(2016) Commissioned art mural, On The Boards, Seattle WA. 


Commissioned mural placed in the lobby of OtB for the duration of their 2016 season. Painted on a repurposed vinyl banner using rollers, brush and tape masking. Abstract characters, lines and geometry made up the design. Acrylic paint, dimensions 20′ by 9′.


Ibn Batouta Bald (2016)

(2016) Commissioned public art mural, Neighborhood of Ibn Batouta, Tangier Morocco.


Mural commissioned as a gift to the neighborhood community of Ibn Batouta. Painted with amazingly brilliant acrylic paint, I wanted to bring this paint back home. One coat light or dark would cover any other color. While painting here we experienced such completely generous, warm and welcoming people. Memories and friends were made, we can’t say thank you enough and hope to get back there again soon.


MBar (2016)

(2016) Commissioned art mural, Urban Artworks, Seattle WA.


One hundred sixty foot long mural painted in the hallway and interior leading to the rooftop restaurant. Working with the owners, a design was settled on that would help lead restaurant goers to their destination. Additionally, Mbar branded logo was painted using the same design motief.



The Summit (2016)

(2016) Mural


Painted in an apartment building that was for low income housing, this apartment building has since been demolished, replaced by fancy condominiums. As a sort of ceremony for the building before its demolition, myself and a large group of artists painted the inside apartments and halls, before having a weekend long show/celebration of the space. This mural was approximately 12’ x 8’, painted with acrylic and enamel paints, also incorporating acrylic block print.


Cerulean Dream (2015)

(2015) Mural Installation, with New Mystics collective


Paying honor to a space that housed a fellow artist for years. In its last days before demolition, we came together to paint the entire inside of this home. We worked in shifts over the course of a week. We chose the name Cerulean Dream because the area this home was located in is called the Central District or CD for short. Blue was the chosen color for this project. We used so much paint that it started to leak through the floorboards and seep into the space below this apartment. Photos highlight my contributions.


Cycle of Life (2015)

(2015) Commissioned public art mural. Sound Transit, Seattle WA


Commissioned by Sound Transit. This banner was initially created for the build site wall erected around the Capitol Hill Light Rail station. Many public works were commissioned to create a surround build site covering of visual art.  While this banner did see a little bit of time on the Capitol Hill (Red Wall), the bulk of time this acrylic painted banner was displayed has been at the University District (Gold Wall) , also a light rail station.
In an abstract sense this mural shows the interconnectedness of earth, animal, and sky.


Resource (2015)

(2015) Commissioned public art mural. Urban Artworks, Seattle WA


Commissioned by Urban Artworks, this mural was meant to both amplify the business located in this building, also this mural aimed to create a bright colorful addition to the neighborhood, of which the nearby SoDo track is one of the largest public mural corridors in the country. Length is 128’x 20′ at the highest point.


Sal Bald (2015)

(2015) Mural painted as a memorial. Seattle WA


Mural painted as a memorial remembering time, effort, and thought, in a shared rehearsal space that had been in effect for over ten years. Drifting between streets and vacant lots, not far in our past is the ghost of a rainforest lush with wet green vegetation. Sometimes it works out who ends up with the last set of keys to get into a building slated for demolition. To bring this mural to life a hundred gallons of paint were delivered to the space, then over the course of a month the entire space roughly 40.000 square foot was painted (floors and walls). The walls are painted with 20 foot tall letters reading, MAN’S INHUMANITY TO MAN. Oddly enough to this day the building still has not been demolished, for reasons unknown.


City Unseen City Arts Feature May 2015


Art of the city (2015)

(2015) commissioned live painted mural


Commissioned by Art of the City street festival, I painted this 12’ by 8’ mural in one day out in the sun. I was one of a collection of other muralists who were all commissioned to live paint. 



There are a lot of options when it comes to what one could paint. I decided a long time ago that I would rather spend my time honing my abilities as a muralist, then obsess over what I could paint. Most of the time when I paint a mural you will see the Bald Man character, this character is a vehicle for artistic exploration. I do paint and draw many other things. This character is part me/part my impression on the world I live in/walk through.


Capitol Hill Web Series (2015)

(2015) acted and created set paintings.


Invited by Wes Hurley to contribute to his film creations. I both painted set pieces, and had a spot appearance acting as a thief for this filmed series.

Episode 1