Capitol Hill Web Series (2015)

(2015) acted and created set paintings.


Invited by Wes Hurley to contribute to his film creations. I both painted set pieces, and had a spot appearance acting as a thief for this filmed series.

Episode 1


USA Flag/pool (2013)

(2013) spray paint set piece 


Commissioned by Spectrum Dance Theatre and Donald Byrd for his work A CRUEL NEW WORLD/the new normal. I had never drawn or painted the American flag before this and probably never will after. I was happy that when I did find myself creating this set piece, it was to help represent America in performance for what it is, a land known for taking advantage of the less fortunate. I greatly respect Donald for his activism through dance and performance, it was a privilege to create this work for him.


Velocity Bald (2012)

(2012) Mural, Velocity’s Fall Kick-Off, Velocity Dance Center, Seattle WA.


Mural painted live as part of Velocity’s Fall Kick-Off. This mural lines the walls of the entryway into Velocity when attending a performance. Designed and painted on the spot, this mural took about eight hours to paint. 



In 2018 repairs and slight changes were added as Velocity was refurbishing their performance space.

La Boca (2012)

(2012) Mural, Neighborhood of La Boca, Buenos Aires Argentina.


Mural painted as a gift to the neighborhood of La Boca. Walking through Buenos Aires I was approached and asked if I was a painter (my pants had paint splatters all over them). When I said yes, I was presented with this wall and asked if I wanted to paint something, of course I said yes. For three days I painted on a very precarious ladder, while kids blew up firecrackers, little grandmothers fed kittens, and the whole neighborhood collected by me to watch this mural take shape. It was an amazing experience.


Chin Mayo (2011)

(2011) Mural, FRED Wildlife Refuge Gallery, Seattle WA


Chin Mayo mural installation conceptualised and directed by Ezra Dickinson. This mural was created on the walls and floor of FRED Wildlife Refuge Gallery in Seattle, curated by Sean M. Johnson. Sixteen hours were spent masking out the gallery with painters tape. Sixteen hours were spent splattering paint using a number of different methods. Final touches were rolling out chunks of color, organizing the chaos to create the finished piece.



Moore Balding (2010)

(2010) Mural, Moore Inside Out, Moore Theatre, Seattle WA


Mural commissioned by the Inside Out Festival, painted in the west exit ramp of the main floor Moore Theatre. Thirty-two hours straight were spent painting, spending the night inside the Moore Theatre, commonly recognised as one of the most haunted buildings in Seattle. This mural was painted with care to not disturb the already existing old paint job peeling away from the walls. With painstaking detail, this one color mural involved numerous instances of paint being delicately applied to already peeling paint chips so that the new design would visually stand uninterrupted, while keeping intact the crumbling visual appearance inside the exit ramp.


Time laps


Street Biennale (2010)

(2010) mural


This mural was commissioned for display at the Bumbershoot festival as part of the exhibit, Seattle Street 2010. Painted in four days, this mural was forty feet wide, and eight feet tall. Organized by a collection of Seattle artists, this exhibit showcased the work of active and contributing street artists/muralists and graffiti artists in Seattle.


Free Sheep Bald (2010)

(2010) mural painted for the Free Sheep Foundation, Seattle


Something that I truly love is solving space through design. For me in this case, this means finding a way to take a space that is undervalued and make the entirety of this space something special. I have a real obsession with confronting the hard to reach spots, wanting to fill every last nook. Leading the viewer on a journey that has uncountable ways that it could be traversed. There is something quite satisfying about using a pen up entirely from start to finish. This mural consisted of an underpainting of spray paint color. Then, fifteen hours continuously of hand drawn work until the pen gave up.


Pride Parade Floats (2009-12)

(2009-12) Painting


I have had the pleasure of helping design and create four Seattle Pride Parade floats over the years. I very much enjoy how the collective power of a team can make big projects and ideas come to life really fast. These have been some of the most fun creative projects I have done, the delirium of building/painting all week and then all night before the day of the parade. Painting right up to the last moment as we are lining up for the parade, then partying our butts off during the parade is the best! To top it off, our first three floats won people’s choice award for Best Float. 


Gaywatch (2009)


Gay team (2010)


Ass Cream Truck (2011)


Gay Wettings (2012)

Artopia bald (2008)

(2008) mural painted on semi truck


I was commissioned by PBR and the Georgetown (Seattle) Artopia festival, to paint a mural on the side of a semi truck. This work took all of one day, and was painted with spray paint. The design features the Bald Man, a recurring character in my visual art work.


Time Laps